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The Adamstown Preschool program focuses on the Emergent Curriculum that will respond to, expand and build upon the ideas and interests of the children in the group, collectively and individually. All planning is based on the NSW Curriculum Framework for Children’s Services.

By using these guidelines in conjunction with the centre philosophy on how children learn, we are able to provide your child with many and varied opportunities to explore and discover new things about their world each day through play, preparing them for their schooling years.

We use an observational system where we are able to collect information through written observations as well as digital photos and children’s artwork, which will create an overall view of each child in the group. (These photographs are shown via slideshow at the completion of each day.)

These profiles assist us in providing developmentally appropriate experiences. By getting to know each child’s interests, strengths and areas in need of development, we are able to facilitate their learning on an individual basis. This will allow each child to gain as much experience as they need in each of the developmental domains.

These areas of development include:

  • The child’s sense of self
  • The communicating child
  • The thinking, investigating, exploring child
  • The healthy, physically active child
  • The social child
  • The feeling child
  • The creative child
  • The spiritual and moral child

Our role to support an Emergent Curriculum

Our behaviours to support an Emergent Curriculum include:

  • Noticing what children are doing and what is happening in the early childhood setting and local community.
  • Inviting children to become engaged in an in-depth investigation through experiences, excursions and books.
  • Responding to children’s interests and ideas.
  • Provisions that encourage investigation and representation by collaborating with children, families and educators.
  • Connecting the child to the exploration, to connect past explorations to new learning, and to consider opportunities for future connections.
  • Conferring with children about what is happening, what they have learned and what they would like to do next, children’s voices are included in planning and evaluation.
  • Reflecting on children’s learning as well as my own learning and teaching practices.

It is our role to focus on children’s learning based on real life connections that they make as they explore and react to the world around them. It is our aim to assist the children’s long term learning by promoting the attributes of being a life long learner and preparing them for their schooling years.

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